“The leading rule for the lawyer,

as for the man of every calling,

is diligence.”

We are a law firm with more than 25 years of combined professional experience. We focus our pool of talents, resources and experiences on trying criminal, civil, and administrative cases in courts across the country.



While there is an attorney specially assigned to each case, we, however, work as a team and bring our collective knowledge and experience to bear on any matter at hand. In the course of the litigation, we team up with the client. We encourage them to be as involved as possible, consulting with them on every major decision on their matter. After all, nobody knows more about the facts of the case than the clients themselves.


Lawyers are frequently written to be slow adopters of technology. It is believed that the reason for this is the instinct to shun changes and new ways of doing things. This instinct may have been honed by the nature of law - steeped in tradition and customs and practices.

Here at JMClerigo Law, we rely heavily on technology in delivering service to our clients and have been paperless since 2007. In 2018, we began offering consultancy services to law offices that want to embark on the technology ride to the future: particularly paperless office, computerized practice management system, and computerized case management systems.


You need someone on your team who gels well, is results-oriented, and gets the job done, on time. Atty. Je does that: he listens well, empathetic, trustworthy, fiercely loyal. Has your best interest at heart.


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