Aardan Mikhail Kutch C. Dela Cruz

Miko started his career in one of the top labor law firms in the country where he was exposed to all areas of the practice, from negotiating and drafting collective bargaining agreements, to handling labor disputes, all the way to labor appellate practice.

Wanting to explore other areas of the law, he entered public service at the Department of Agriculture - Legal Service. In DA - Legal, part of his duties is to draft legal opinions and conduct consultations for the department, its attached agencies and bureaus nationwide. He was also appointed member of the secretariat of The National Technical Evaluation Committee on Land Use Matters (NTECLUM). This exposed him to the ins and outs of reclassification and conversion of agricultural lands for different purposes.

He is now enjoying another area of practice - litigation. Consistent with the practice of the firm, he constantly looks for ways to evolve and improve himself and his practice through technology.

In his free time, Miko loves watching movies and Netflix. He also plays basketball and is a casual NBA fan. Originating from Gapan, Nueva Ecija, he now lives in Quezon City with his two kids and loving wife.