Je Froilan M. Clerigo

Je had been in litigation since he passed the bar. JMClerigo Law Office is in fact the realization of his vision to put up a boutique law office that exclusively practices litigation.

Before his law office, he served as in-house counsel of a publicly listed and leading real estate company in the country, where his exposure to the industry proved extremely useful to his clients today. He advises clients on the legal and practical aspects of real estate development, from negotiation with landowners or joint venture partners, to consolidation and subdivision of titles to the project, to the numerous permits and licenses required, up to the documentation of the sale from the developer to the buyer. His experience also helps in handling disputes between a condominium and subdivision developer and its buyers, as well as disputes involving homeowners' associations.

Before becoming in-house counsel, Je was also an associate attorney in a leading law firm in Makati City, where he handled almost all areas of litigation work.

He shares his litigation experience with the members of the office by organizing in-house seminars and workshops to improve the office’s collective skill in litigation, legal writing, research, and even client relations.

Je loves technology and is always finding ways to integrate it in his practice. He plays basketball and tennis, although nowadays he spends most of his sporting hours into golf (you would love to know that he is a high handicapper). He has a beautiful family in Antipolo City with whom he loves to spend time with.