JMClerigo Law Office generally accepts only litigation work. Its principal areas of practice are:


Our criminal practice is mainly divided into two trial courts – the regular courts, i.e., regional trial courts, and the Sandiganbayan, the anti-graft court in the Philippines. We have both successfully prosecuted and defended criminal cases in both these fronts.


We represent both complainants and respondents in cases before the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB), a national government agency that regulates and, in so doing, is the quasi-judicial body for land use development, real estate and housing regulation.


Labor laws in the country are found mainly in the Labor Code of the Philippines. It addresses the both the employees’ and employers’ rights and limitations on hiring process, working conditions, benefits, company prerogatives, and mutual relations. Our approach – since we represent mostly employers – is to balance and harmonize these rights while at the same time focusing on the needs of the business. After all, without the business, both parties will not exist.


Arbitration proceedings by the CIAC (Construction Industry Arbitration Commission) refer to disputes arising out of construction contracts. We have represented both the owners and the contractor in these proceedings. As to all other matters - except construction agreements, and mostly commercial contract disputes - the arbitration is administered by the PDRCI or the Philippine Dispute Resolution Center, Inc. We have likewise represented clients here.


Appeals in the country take place in either regional or national courts. Regional trial courts (RTCs) are where decisions of metropolitan trial courts and municipal trial courts are appealed. The Court of Appeals and Supreme Court also exercise appellate jurisdiction. We have represented both appellants and appellees in these courts.


We have successfully represented parties seeking annulment of their marriages, dissolution of property regime, division of properties, custody of minor children. We have also successfully prosecuted and defended parties under the Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act or Republic Act 9262.