Lorenzo Marvin S. Reyes

Lorenzo Marvin has been in litigation practice since passing the 2015 Bar Examination. As a striving lawyer, he started his practice focusing on civil and criminal litigation, corporate housekeeping, real estate, and cybercrime.

Lorenzo Marvin is of a curious mind; he enjoys learning new things especially podcasts, documentaries, and books. His interests include golf, photography, watching local music gigs, and weightlifting. He applies the same open-mindedness and eagerness to learn in his law practice.

Lorenzo Marvin joined JMClerigo Law confident that through Atty. Je Clerigo’s guidance, he will further his knowledge in the legal practice. (Secretly, he also wishes to learn Atty. Je’s golf short game and putting skills).

In the rare times that Lorenzo Marvin has time to spare, he makes sure to catch-up on his guitar practice and graphic novels. He lives with his pet Watson, an American Bully.